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Curious about us?

We've got you covered!

Browse our FAQ section for more insights on us.


Can I get an online quotation?

Do I have to set an appointment?

Do you pay in cash or through transfer?

How long until I get my money?

What is the process like?

How long will the whole process take?

Do you accept items in any condition?

Yes! Drop any one of us a text and we'll provide you with an online quotation.

Yes, so we can provide you with good service.

Our modus operandi is by online bank transfer, but you can also request for cash.

Our online transfers are typically done within an hour or two. However, should you require physical cash instead, it will take us a few hours to complete the transaction.

Simple! Come visit us with your item and we will assess it. Once we are done, all you have to do is fill in a form, take your purchase receipt from us and wait for your money to be transferred.

Our assessment typically takes an hour to complete.

Yes, we do. However, we still encourage you to come visit us for a physical assessment of your item.

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