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Updated: Jun 4

Have you ever had a doubt that the bag you own could be a fake? Fret not! Because we are going to talk about how you can check to see if the bag you bought is authentic.

1. The Gucci font

As long as the word Gucci is stamped onto leather, the letters will have serifs. G and Cs are circular. The left side of the U is thicker than the right side. One of the key points of an authentic Gucci bag is the leather tab inside the bag, with the Gucci logo on the front side.

On the back, there will be two rows of numbers. The top row denotes the style of the bag and the bottom is the production number. Note the font: the serifs on the numbers and the curve of the ‘G’ and ‘Cs’. All lettering should be even and equal.

2. The Gucci tag

On the inside of the bag, usually hidden in a pocket will be this black tag. Gucci started using QR codes on the tags to fights against fakes because it is harder for counterfeits to replicate the code. The tag has a smooth silky feel to it, and the QR is square, not rectangular.

3.The hardware

Similar to most luxury brands, Gucci also uses high quality metals for their hardware. Which means hardware will feel solid, instead of light and brittle. It will not be discoloured or deformed or peeling.


Engravings should have clean edges, with perfectly rounded Gs and Cs. Embossments should also have clean, smooth edges.

Remember, these are just the basics! Stay tuned for more authentication tips on specific bag models.​​


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