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Updated: Jun 1

Ever wondered if the Louis Vuitton on your arm is as real as the thousands you paid to buy it? Fret not, dear reader, we’re here with some guidelines you can follow to see if your bag is fake or not.

1. Heat Stamp

Louis Vuitton bags often have their logo heat stamped on a patch of leather inside their bags, or directly onto the bag as shown in the pictures. The stamping should be neat, with clean and straight lines. The O and S are perfectly rounded and the horizontal leg of the L is considerably shorter than the vertical leg. Also check that the corners of the N are sharply pointed.

2. Stitching

Stitching on Louis Vuitton bags are of the finest craftmanship. The thread used should not be too thin or too thick. The stitching itself should be in clean, neat lines. The holes in which the threads are passed through should not be cracked around the edges.

3. Date Code

All Louis Vuitton bags produced from the early 1990’s to the beginning of April 2021 have a unique date code embossed or stamped either on the bag itself or on a small leather tab inside the bag. From April 2021 onwards, Louis Vuitton bags have an NFC chip implanted and can be detected using your phone. Be aware of the font of the date code as well. If there’s no date code, check for a chip!

4. Hardware

Hardware of a bag consists of zippers, zips, buckles, buttons, chains and the like. Louis Vuitton hardware is normally made out of brass, which means it has some weight to it. Hardware on fake bags are usually light, with the wrong gold tone.

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